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Upon registering with us and accepting our email to contribute to the blog, you shall receive no benefits. No blog contributor will receive no benefits. When accepting to be a blog writer on our site, you are volunteering at your own freewill to share about your all time favorite products in which you think is worthy of 5 stars and of no charge. Our blog is a place for people to interact with each other to share their thoughts and to gain knowledge about the 5 star products that are being posted. Anything posted that's not related to 5 star products "hence" your all time favorite products will be deleted immediately and maybe a result of termination.

Eyeon5 has the right to decline anyone applying to become a contributor based on reason for applying. We may also ask more questions after signing up to be contributor to the blog here on Eyeon5 before approval. Eyeon5 recommends applying only if your an advocate online shopper who loves sharing about new products that are awesome. We also recommend only applying if you enjoy engaging into conversations to help others. Our goal here is to create a friendly environment for everyone to gain knowledge of new 5 star products that are being released as well as growing a following for yourself and others.


To Apply to contribute to our blog, please fill out the information below.


Home is our exclusive blog for members only where you can interact with others about the item that is posted. We will be posting on the blog, and as well as our Instagram feed on 5 star items. If your interested in contributing to our blog to post your all time favorite products and why you think there worthy of 5 stars, send us an email and will get you setup. 

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