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We built this for you to use as a quick tool for finding 5-star products easier that are legit and coming from real companies mainly that specialize in their own product.

Eyeon5's sole purpose is to advertise 5-star products. We do this by gathering the best information based on 5-star products through communicating with others, checking reviews, comments, videos, and our own reviews on products. We only put up products that are statistically rated 5 stars throughout all reviews. This is to give people a better chance of obtaining exactly what they see & read about the product. Our goal here is to make our website as helpful as it can be to others while finding the best items up to date making sure they come from reliable and legit sources.

If you come across a product that we're recommending and the rating is under 5 stars, don't be fooled. We are doing tons of research on the best products. A lot of products are overhyped with all good ratings, but what some don't know is that products get a lot of fake reviews by the same people selling them. 

How do we determine whether the product is worthy of 5 stars? 

  1. We learn about the item itself, its features, qualities, and what defines it. We also make sure we understand what the brand is promising about the product. 

  2. We then check across many different websites that are selling the item to make sure the ratings are consistent. Throughout this process, we also make sure that the majority of the reviews are coming from real reviewers to ensure the ratings are legit.

  3. When we acknowledge what reviews are real, we then compare to others as well as our own information about the product.

  4. After the first 3 main steps, we then find tutorials & video reviews of the item. This is basically to learn more about it as well as posting them up right here on

  5. Through social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Reddit we communicate with others about the items were promoting/advertising as well as new upcoming products. You can find our links to each of those at the bottom of our site.

  6. We will also purchase some of the items we promote/advertise to get a better understanding of the product and to make sure it lives up to its expectations. 


It usually takes anywhere between 0-2 hours depending on what the item is, and sometimes the item is never found. If the item is never found it usually means we can't find a consistent flow of real 5 star reviews across many platforms. This basically means that we're finding too many mixed reviews. When this occurs, we might like to purchase the item our self to give it a review.

If you're wondering how we profit from any of this, it's simple. We are an Online Marketing company who affiliates for Amazon and possibly others in the future. If your curious about anything or have any questions please feel free to contact us.

EyeON5 is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

If anyone has any new items they would like to see here on EyeON5, just send us an email and will work on it. 

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