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PHOENIX Pre Stretched Canvas 

Our research shows these canvases are an excellent source for professional painters. They are of high quality and have a good price. These canvases are also very tight all around.

US Art Supply Acid Free Canvas

These are a good source for inexpensive canvas for pro painters on the light side.


ARTEZA 9X12 Gray Toned Sketch Pad

If you're looking for a great sketchpad for your light and dark tone colors this is for you. This one will also give texture to your style with no smudging.

Bellofy 100 Sheet Sketch Book 9x12-Inch

Some sketchbooks work well for certain areas in the art world, and this one seems to work well with charcoal and soft pencil users.

U.S. Art Supply Spiral Bound Sketch Pad 9x12

If you're looking for a good quality low costing sketchbook for a gift that has sturdy paper, this is for you.

Canson Universal Sketch Pad 9x12

Here's another excellent choice for great quality and good pricing. This sketchpad has strong durable paper with a smooth finish that will not smudge, and it's also easy for erasing. 

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