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Coleman Sundome Tent

This is our top pick the best standardized tent, this one comes in all different sizes and it's extremely easy to setup even at nighttime. Our personal knowledge with this item exceeded our expectations having breathable airflow come in and out as well as no rain getting in.

Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

If you're looking for a quality huge tent, this just might be for you. This one is said to fit a queen size bed in it as well as having more room to run around. It is said to have great airflow along with no leaking water anywhere.


TomCare Solar lights 

Our research tells us that these solar torch lights are the most realistic ones out there right now. It looks just like a real flame in a lantern. These solar lanterns seem to be most used for around the house.


Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern

Our research tells us these are extremely bright lanterns with long lasting battery life at low cost. All of the lanterns come with a set of batteries as well.

LE Rechargeable LED Camping Lantern

Our Research tells us this is one of the most liked lanterns out there today for it unique and reliable design. Battery life is said to last around 3- 5 hours depending on which light is used. Charge time is around 12-24 hours.

Sleeping Bags

TETON Sports Regular Sleeping Bag

If you're looking for an extremely warm sleeping bag, this one is said to work really well along with being very durable and heavy. The company responds very fast and cares about it's customers deeply.

Western Mountaineering Bison GWS

Western Mountaineering, a usa company who specializes in creating some of the best sleeping bags in the market today with the best possible materials. 

RAB Expedition 1200 

Rab, a company which started in 1981 who specializes in sleeping bags. It is said that this sleeping bag will keep you warm in -30 degree weather through your hiking and camping trips.

Snugpak Special Forces Combo System

Another great sleeping bag that's extremely warm and has space inside for comfort. It is said to work well in zero degree weather as well as being very durable.

Bug Repellents

Medella Naturals Insect & Mosquito Repellent

If you're looking for an all natural bug repellent, the search has ended. It is said, that this stuff really works well, and also smells good. Even with natural ingredients, still keep away from mouth, eyes and wash hands after using.

Repel HG-94108 100

Our research tells us this is one of the most reliable bug repellents out in the market today. Keep away from eyes, mouth and wash your hands after using.

Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Insect Repellent

Our research shows this is a reliable insect repellent but only used on clothes and outside camping gear, do not spray on yourself. Keep away from anyone with any breathing issues such as asthma.

Camp Stoves

Coleman RoadTrip 225

Our research shows that the Coleman RoadTrip 225 is really the perfect road trip grill. It is said that is very sturdy, reliable, easy to setup and take apart to lighten the load if necessary.

Weber 51040001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

Our research shows that the Weber Q1200 is a reliable grill for travelling and camping. The grill is extremely compact, easy setup, heats up quickly and very low maintenance.


ENGEL Dry Box 19 Qt

Our research shows this is a reliable and well made cooler for a fair price. Will keep everything cold up to 8 hours just as long as the opening is kept to a minimum. 

YETI Tundra 65 

Our research shows the Yeti coolers are the most reliable coolers up to date keeping ice in the cooler for over 5 days. 

Xspec 60QT

Our research shows that this is another awesome cooler that works really well compared to other big brands.

Arctic Zone Titan Premium Ice Chest Roto 

Our last pick, the Arctic Zone Titan Premium Ice Chest Roto, said to be one of the best for it's size and price. It's also been said to keep ice in the chest for a week without melt. This can be done if the cooler isn't opened too much.

Camping Axes

Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet

Our research and personal knowledge tells us this is a reliable and well made small axe. It is said to be extremely sharp, lightweight and also shock resistant with excellent grip. 

Estwing Camper's Axe

Another amazing small axe with great weight and balance. Extremely sharp and shock resistant to swinging. This is a reliable axe.

Camp Chairs

YETI Trailhead Collapsible 

Our research tells us this is pretty much the perfect carry and camping chair you can get. Extremely durable, lightweight, easy to carry, and folds easily. Yeti also provides a 5 year warranty on their products.

Best Choice Products 2 Adjustable Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

Our research & personal knowledge with these chairs exceed our expectations. The Zero gravity chairs are extremely comfortable, strong, lightweight and easy to store.

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair

If you're looking for a quick inexpensive camp chair, this just might be for you. The Kijaro dual lock is sturdy, good cup holders, light, easy to put away and also gives you good posture.

Air Tight Containers

Chef's Path Airtight Food Storage Container

Our research tells us that these are outstanding airtight containers, to keep all sorts of food or anything else in it. The containers are very easy to open and close. Chef's Path also provides excellent customer service and shows care.

Rubbermaid Brilliance Pantry Organization & Food Storage Containers

Our research shows that these containers are most certainly leak proof as well as being crystal clear. It is also said that these are resistant to stains and any odors.


Sun Bum Original Moisturizing Sunscreen 

Our research tells us Sun Bum is a reliable and fantastic safe sunscreen for men and children that works. It also is said to smell really good as well as great for sensitive skin. Remind you though, everyone in the world is different, so it maybe good for a lot but not all.

Thinksport Kids Safe Sunscreen

Our research shows this is another great and safe sunscreen for many with sensitive skin. It is said to have a really nice scent and doesn't need to be reapplied every so often.

Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen

Here's another excellent sunscreen rated among the best for years. It is said by most that this is an extremely reliable sunscreen when it comes to protecting and for sensitive skin. This one is also said to have a very nice scent to it.

Sleeping Pads

Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad

Our research tells us this is a reliable and very comfortable sleeping pad. It is said that the Klymitt Static V Luxe holds it's air really good, keeps you really warm and has great stability. 

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