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Studio Monitor Stands

Rockville RHT8C Studio Monitor Stands

Here are some very nice speaker stands for your computer desk that are really sturdy. The stands are made from high-quality wood.

WALI Dual Side Clamping Speaker Brackets

Here are some great wall speaker mounting brackets for your office, or studio. The build quality on these is solid and can hold up to 55lbs.

Pyle PSI04 Foam Stand

These are great for dampening the sound and stopping vibration to create clear sound projections.

Pile PSTND32 Dual Monitor Stands

If you're looking for something completely stable and easy to bring around, these are the ones.

Monitor Desk Mounts

ErGear Single Monitor Desk Mount Stand

Here's a great low-budget desk mount that will hold up to 26lbs. This one is said to fit most 22-34inch curved and flat monitors. The quality for the price on this item is fantastic.

Amazon Basics Premium Single Monitor Stand

Here's another highly rated arm desk mount. Amazon has been putting out a lot of great items in the past few years. It wouldn't be a shocker if this thing works fantastic.

ErGear Monitor Mount for 13-32 inch Computer Screens

Another great simple desk arm mount by ErGear. From our last purchase with ErGear, the quality is definitely there and will continue to look at their products.

Ergotron HX Ultrawide Monitor Arm Desk Mount - Screens 20-42 lbs 

If you're looking for a great desk mount, Ergotron is the way to go but a bit more expensive. This company has been making monitor desk mounts for quite some time now.

Laptop Stands

Soundance Laptop Stand

Here's a nice find that's very much appreciated for its quality build and modern look. This is simply designed for the computer to breathe well with the proper airflow underneath. This item comes in many different colors.

Twelve South Curve

This one is another highly favored simple stand for its stylish look and design. This one comes with anti-slip silicone pads for gripping. This stand was also designed for your computer to breathe well.

Twelve South Curve

Another nicely designed laptop stand for computer breathing and adjustment angles. From reviewers, it is said by many that the build quality of this product is strong.

Desktop Stands

HUANUO Monitor/DESKTOP Stand Riser

This is another great desktop or monitor stand simply for the design. The holes on the top of the stand will come in handy for airflow allowing the computer to breathe a bit. This is also a unique item to purchase because it can be used for anything.

Office Desk

BON AUGURE L Shaped Corner Computer Desk

Our research tells us this picture is exactly what you get as you see it. Beautiful woodwork with lightweight metal, and a small right side storage space for computer and books.


Sauder August Hill L-Shaped Desk

Our research and personal experience of this item exceed our expectations. This desk is very sturdy with a beautiful color tone. What you see is exactly what you get.

VASAGLE Industrial L-Shaped Computer Desk

Our research shows and tells us that this is a great source for a home computer desk and getting exactly what you see in the picture if not even better. The assemble is easy upon instructions. The desk has more leg room than it seems.

Gamer Desk


Our research tells us this is another great source for a gaming computer desk in which you will get exactly what you see. The computer desk is said to be extremely sturdy with an easy assemble and can adjust the height.

Vitesse 55 inch Gaming Desk

Our research shows us that this is a great simple gaming desk with an easy assemble. It is mentioned many times that it's extremely sturdy and what you see is what you get.

VIT 47 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Our research tells us this is a reliable source for a gaming computer desk and what you see is exactly what you're going to get. Ratings across show that this desk is much better than most were expecting it to be.

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