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Weber 45010001 Spirit II

Our research tells us this is one of the top picks out there today being for it durable design, easy instructions to put together and the grill heats up really fast. It's also been said to have the proper temperature throughout the grill.

Weber Spirit E330

Another awesome choice for home grilling. As most know it, Webers are made really well being very sturdy and durable. This one has a decent amount of space below and also has a good grease station for cleanup. 

Weber 62006001 Genesis II

If your looking for more space, this maybe for you. This one also heats up very quickly distributing the heat across evenly. It's also stated that there are no flare ups.

Traeger TFB78GZE Pro Series 780 Pellet Bronze 

Here's an awesome design for a grill and a great smoker. Traeger designed this smoker so you can have as much control as you can with your cooking. They are easy to get started and the wifi on it is fantastic. 

Traeger TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 Pellet

We chose this one as well for it's simplicity and having just as much as all the other Traegers. It is said that first generation are excellent and very easy to use. The startup process is easy, the temperature is evenly distributed and no flares.

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